Friday, December 16, 2011

Not Dead Yet

My posting has slowed down some. Some of it is Holiday related, the rest is because I'm actually working on something!

In the meantime everything I happen to like on Netflix is disappearing and being replaced by religious documentaries apparently. The Michael Palin travelogues have just gone I noticed, so has all the MST3K, the Discworld movies and now there are noticably less Doctor Who episodes.

I've been watching them before they disappear and just saw 'The Three Doctors' for the first time. The Second Doctor has always been one of my favorites so it was nice to see him back.

What struck me was Omega, a genuinely tragic villan in an awesome Dark Helmet costume. Omega was the Time Lord who invented time-travel, but had to create a supernova in order to make it work. Unfortunately, in the resulting explosion, he was sucked into the resulting black hole and became stuck in an anti-matter universe. Assumed dead by the other Time Lords he was trapped alone for millenia alone until he found a way to strike back at those he thought abandonned him.
Omega learns to manipulated his new universe and creates an environment that one o the Doctor's refers to as a 'funhouse'. Omega's final fate (in this arc anyway) is actually fairly tragic.

A former hero now legend who has become insane and vengeful, trapped in a funhouse dimension held together by his own will is not a bad idea for an adventure.

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  1. It seems to be related to their licensing agreements expiring and re-starting. I've seen titles drop off and then return. At least I hope that's the case with MST3K and Who...