Saturday, September 17, 2011

Titain Flythru

A brief but gorgeous clip of what it would be like to fly through a Titan, an alien being the size of a small moon from John Varley's Gaea Trilogy.

A short flying thru Titan from Jean-Paul TĂȘtu on Vimeo.

Titans are hollow and support a self-created ecosystem along the inner shell. The strands you see in the film hold the whole thing together and come to giant knot in the middle that is the seat of the Titan's conciousness. Sounds bizarre, and it is, but is the basis for the most incredible science fiction I have ever read.

The Ringmaster is a space-ship on its way to explore Saturn's rings when it encounters an unknown moon. When they move closer for study, the ship is attacked by something which rips apart the Ringmaster and pulls the crew inside. When the ship's captain, Sirroco 'Rocky' Jones, awakens she is lost naked and alone. The book follows Rocky as she explores this new world, eventually discovering what happened to the rest of the crew, becoming embroiled in a was between two native species and finally climbing the mighty strands that hold the world together to confront the Titan herself, a being who calls herself Gaea.

Chris is insane and Robin has seizures. They are both tourists, of a sort, who have come to Gaea to be cured of their bizarre medical conditions. But Gaea only cures heros and the two set out on an adventure around the inner rim of the Titan. They are accompanied by Gaby, one of the orginal crew of the Ringmaster, and Rocky, who is now known as the Wizard. The problem is that the Wizard is a drunk and Gaby has plans of her own. This trip might not be exactly what Robin and Chris had in mind.

A nuclear war has devistated earth and Gaea has become the last refuge of humanity. The problem is that Gaea is also insane and walks around looking like a fifty foot Marylin Monroe. Is it even possible to overthrow a god? Rocky and her small band of rebels are going to find out.

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