Saturday, September 3, 2011


Coconuts are a rare, yet extremely useful item to have. Much cheaper than an actual horse, and not actually magic, all they require is a willing servant, an active imagination and the shell of an ordinary coconut, hollowed out and cut in half.

However, coconuts can be difficult to get in temperate climes, and using them does make you look like something of an idiot. Once the coconut is readied, all that is required to use them is a servant, henchman or slave to follow approximately three feet behind clopping the coconuts together in a horse-like rhythm and the absolutely firm believe that you are riding a horse while acting accordingly (holding reigns, prancing, mounting and dismounting etc).

This allows both the ‘rider’ and the servant clapping the coconuts to travel at the same rate as a horse (approximately the pace of a brisk skip) for up to eight hours a day without tiring. Nor does the “rider” have to worry about the costs of feeding, grooming or boarding a horse, though they must perform those actions as if they do. Over short bursts, the rider can even run as fast as a horse’s gallop, though for only a period equal to their own stamina.

The rider must maintain the illusion that they are in fact, riding a horse at all times, no matter how adamantly anyone else tries to point out how silly they look. If the rider looses the ability to pretend they are riding a horse, the coconuts will no longer work for them or their servant.

As noted, these are not strictly magical items and will not register with detect magic spells.

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