Sunday, September 18, 2011


Wasting a perfectly good Sunday afternoon watching MST3K on netflix, I came across this beast, which I thought would be ideal for a Gamma World or Mutant Future game.

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Megaweapon is a sentient dumptruck built by the fascist regime, OMEGA, in the post apocalyptic future of the film Warrior of the Lost World’

Its armour is impervious to small arms fire and most missile weapons. Its only weak point is its undercarriage, which would require a 40 megaton direct hit to take it out.

It is equipped with three short range flamethrowers. Its wheels are puncture proof and will crush anything they drive over. As a roadblock Megaweapon is extremely effective, provided there is no room to go around.

Megaweapon also has a top speed of 20kph. The flamethrower has a max range of five meters, can only shoot straight ahead and is located six feet off the ground. Its undercarriage is nearly one meter off the ground making it easy for someone to slide underneath. Its belly has numerous fuse and junction boxes are easily accessed and opened with a common Phillips screwdriver. Pulling two or three of these fuses will stop Megaweapon in its tracks.

Megaweapon is also able to repair itself, that is part of the magic that is, Megaweapon. If you take the time to get to know Megaweapon, you will find that he is actually quite friendly and outgoing, with a charming, self deprecating sense of humour. Megaweapon makes an ideal babysitter and is a fan of Indy car racing.

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  1. Dude this is totes awesome. Should be a t-shirt!!!