TWERPS is The World's Easist Roleplaying System. It was created by Reindeer Games (whose sole product was the TWERPS line) and distributed by Gamescience. Presented as a parody of the complicated RPG systems which were prevalent at the time while still being a playable game in its own right, its simple structure and humorous nature gave it unexpected popularity. TWERPS was originally created, written and illustrated (in a distinctive cartoony style) by "Jeff & 'Manda Dee". (from Wikipedia)

15 Books were written in all including:
-TWERPS Basic Rules
-The Tome of Mighty Magic (More spells)
-How to Do Everything Better (a rules supplement)
-Campaign Book 1: Kung Fu Dragons
-Campaign Book 2: Fly By Knights
-Campaign Book 3: Space Cadets (Space Opera)
-Campaign Book 4: Robo-Punks (cyberpunk)
-Campaign Book 5: Super-Dudes (superheroes)
-Campaign Book 6: Rocket Rangers (Space Opera)
-Campaign Book 7: Twerps Twek (Star Trek spoof)
-Campaign Book 8: A Second Edition of the Magic supplement.
-Campaign Book 9: Metaphysical Ninja Maniac Chainsaw Vitamin Junkies (post apok, Mad Max)
-Campaign Book 10: M.E.C.H.I. Tech (Giant Robots)
-Campaign Book 11: Twisted Tales of Terror (pulp gaming and horror)
-Campaign Book 12: The T.W.E.R.P.S Files (X-Files parody)


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Noble Knights
plus good luck on ebay (it is where I picked up most of my collection)


And Coming Soon (I hope)!
Zombies Ago-Go for TWERPS!
Campaign Book 14: Barbarians of the Black Sun (Conan meets He-Man)
Campaign Book 15: Yo Joe! (1980's Real American Hero!)