Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Cecil Gambit

While I don't do it myself, I have lots of fiends who hunt. They might have a pair of antlers on the wall, but they eat what they kill and if I'm lucky I get a couple of moose steaks out of it as well. 

However, I believe that hunting anything just so you have head to put on your wall and a rug for your man-cave is repulsive in the extreme. The romantic days of long safaris on foot to face off against a bull elephant with nothing but a rifle and your nerve are long, long, gone. If they ever existed at all. Nowadays its all high tech vehicles, blinds and bait-traps to lure these endangered animals out of protected parks. If that's what you are in to, you are a coward, a sadist and a few years in an African jail cell might be something approaching what you truly deserve.  
"You know what would make this world a better place?  If I blew this away with a ridicoulsly overpowered rifle and left it for the vultures!"
Slaughtering creatures is a big part of any roleplaying or video game. We usually don't think much of it because of one key difference. Its fucking imaginary.
Papel de Parede de Jogos: Turok Dinosaur Hunter
But what if some pretentious noble payed the players to act as guards and scouts while be went hunting rare and beautiful creatures just for the hell if it? Would your group grow uncomfortable with the slaughter, or gleefully participate in the slaughter for the promise of gold and x.p.?

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