Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where do we go from here?

There have been a few momentous upheavals in my life of late. Because of an inept government decision, my wife has had to move out of the province for work, leaving me alone, bored and depressed.

This had led to something of a mid-life crisis on my part as I know have (too much) time to reflect on my life. While we have a nice little house, and have had a rotating assortment of fuzzies, most days lately it doesn’t feel like it amounts to much.
She looks sad, but what she is really saying is, 'board me again, and I'm shitting on your bed'.
My family and friends are literally scattered across the country, and this includes my old gaming group. I’ve looked here, but of the two groups I’ve met with, one was into miniature games (which I enjoy, but do not have a great talent for), and a die-hard Pathfinder group that was already too large and two years into a truly epic quest. Honestly, I was looking for something a little more in the shallow end of the game pool. 
The greatest game ever written. 
I started this blog mostly so I could keep my halberd in, so to speak, and keep writing and reading about roleplaying games, but I have never been truly able to find that right direction or niche that gets people reading.  

I was initially thrilled when I discovered the idea of Gamers’ Common, which allows you to write about RPGs without having to choose a specific rule-set. The gaming community has fractured so much in the past few years that focusing on one specific game or rule-set could easily leave you being a relic very quickly. Then again, is that such a bad thing? 
Justifiers forever!
The problem being, that there are rule-sets that I absolutely adore, and would love to spend time converting to, or building magical items and ferocious beasts for the Talislanta Omni-System, WEG D6, TWERPS, Kobolds Ate My Baby, and Basic D&D (sure I’m missing some).  Or look into older systems, or explore the OSR! Then there are my own ideas for my homebrew games.

What about my own miserable attempts at writing? Or my experiences as a cancer patient? What about my thoughts on current events or pop culture? What about my other interests; martial arts, motorcycles, music? Should I throw them up here as well?
The world NEEDS more Concrete Blonde
Sorry for all of this. I’m attempting to focus myself and contemplating the future of this site is a part of that. I really don’t care if anyone reads it, that was never the intention, but by the power of Greyskull, a little more focus in my life would be nice.
And a magic sword would really help. 
What is likely to happen is a broadening of topics that I cover here. Maybe something will stick?  Hey, I might be borrowing the format of a Cracked article, but at least I. not out there buying gold chains and a sportscar.
Your loss, ladies.

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