Monday, July 13, 2015

The Mega-Helm

Based on this offer from Capcom, I present .... the Mega-Helm

The Mega-Helm allows the wearer to recreate the effect of a recently cast spell. To use it, the wearer must concentrate as the spell is being cast. There is a fifty-fifty chance (modified by magical ability of the wearer) of absorbing the spell. There is also a 5% chance the helm will automatically absorb any spell caste in a 50' radius. 

The helm can only hold one spell at a time and attempting to absorb a second spell will automatically wipe out any previously held. Once the helm has 'copied' the spell, it can be cast d6 times per day (game-master rolls once per day). 

Rumor tells of an arm-piece of similar design with the ability to mimic the properties of magical wands, but to date, no credible witnesses have come forward. 
Deviant Art by MM4

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