Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Xenomosaurus Rex

When a regular TPK just won't do ....

Oliver Pabilona
This little beauty  gives me a brilliant idea for a campaign.

Xenomorphic Rex - Gamers' Common
-Type: Animal, prehistoric. Alien-parasitic
Size: Very large
Stats: High strength, agility and endurance. Animal, predator intelligence.
Weapons: Bite- Very Powerful. Kick - Very Powerful. Claws-Moderate. Tail swat- Very Powerful. Secondary mouth-moderate
Armour: Very Strong
Min/Max: Fast runners. Acid blood (strong) which sprays when damaged.

TWERPS-Xenomorphic Rex
St: 10
Movement: x2. Two Attacks per round
Bite +3 Hit. 7 Damage
Claw: +1 Hit. 5 Damage
Tail: -2 to Hit. 6 Damage
Armour: 5
Min/Max: When hit, sprays Acid Blood in all adjacent hexes for 2 damage. 

Hive Castle
Just over a month ago, shortly after the Night of the Falling Star, all contact was lost with the remote province of Wayland. Messengers have not returned, and as yet, there has been no word from the armored battalion of knights

Now the Chancellor Iutan is asking the adventures' help. Go to Wayland and find out what happened out there. The chancellor's adviser, a wizard named Kartar Burke, and two royal guard will accompany the party, though Chancellor Iutan will not say why.

It is a week-long journey through the mountains until you come to the remote valley province. The region is volcanic and barren, with some pockets of green. The only human habitation in the region is a medium sized mining community centered around the fortress known as Bishop's Keep (it was once an abbey) which is at the far end of a town called Hadley's Hope.

As the party approaches the town, they see no sign of any villagers. Homes are all abandoned and many show signs of violent struggle.

As they investigate the town, the party begins to encounter the evil star creatures. Shadows at first, perhaps an npc dragged off by something in the night. When they come, in force and it becomes a desperate fight for their lives. The party flees to seek the security of Bishop's Keep. Once there, however, they begin to learn about the star creature's true nature.

They also learn that Kartar's goal has always been the great dungeon below Bishop's Keep, which according to legend, is the prison to the great dragon known as Nostromo,,,

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