Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mutha Oith

I am obsesed with games like this. Anything where you play something small, insane and given to homicdal levels of punning and I'm all in: Kobolds Ate My Baby, Munchkin, TWERPS, GURPS Goblins, I love them all.

I came across the Mutha Oith website not too long ago and while I loved the art and the jokes, I wasn't sure on just what it is suppose to be? A tabletop RPG, a card-game? 

Well, it is kind of both. Low Life is the RPG, and Dementalism is the cardgame. 

For those interested in looking into Low Life a little more, they have just released two free 8pg pdfs; The Offical Character Creation Guide and the Boss Bible. 

My only regret being that I don't have a regular game group to unleash this upon. Still, they've picked up a new fan.

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