Saturday, January 3, 2015

Clark Aston Smith

The library where I work has a sizable pulp collection that I am eagerly devouring. Recently I have come across a collection of the works of Clark Aston Smith, a lesser known predecessor /contemporary of Howard and Lovecraft. I was aware of him before, but I had never sat down and read any of his works at length. Gross, gothic, strange, mythic and sexual, I must confess that I am now utterly hooked. Some of the story doesn't always hang together, but his imagery is spellbinding and a clear model for later writers like Moorcock,Leiber and Vance.

Luckily, much of his work has entered the public domain, so it it relatively easy to track down more of his work.
The Flower Woman

Speaking as a gamer, I cannot understand why no one has ever run an adventure based on The Maze of Maal Dweb is a cosmic shame. It makes the Tomb of Horrors look like a walk to the candy store.

A link to more Ashton Smith inspired work.

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