Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting the most out of your Sharknado

Last night I watched in utter fascination as a Syfy movie called 'Sharknado' lit up my television screen. The movie is about a mega storm that floods L.A., complete with a giant waterspout that sucked up thousands of sharks and proceeded to spray they all at Ian Ziering, who is more formally known as 'that blonde guy from 90210'. Tara Reid also wanders in and out of the film without much to do ... and holy crap is she looking old!

See the awesome for yourself as the blonde guy from 90210 kills a flying shark with a chainsaw!
I'm a big proponent of adding sharks to pretty much anything. Tornadoes, birthday parties, weddings, office meetings, crappy TV networks that used to be about actual science ... you name it! Sharks just make things better! This goes doubly for any rpg campaign, I don't care if its in space (space sharks!), cyperpunk (cybersharks!) or a good, old fashioned dungeon crawl (tunnel sharks!, flying sharks!), a good GM will always find a way to add a shark.

But while I was watching the movie, I thought about all the other aquatic critters in the monster manual, who almost never see any action except for the rare occasions that the player-characters are on a boat or close to shore.

Why not an adventure where an evil aquatic sorceress, who has some real or imagined grudge against some coastal kingdom, so she creates a giant waterspout to rain aquatic horrors of all description down upon the land, just as the player-characters happen to be passing through?

Sure, the monsters landing in the middle of the forest won't generallly survive long, but the elf ranger scouting the land from the top of the tallest oak in the forest isn't going to be prepared for an ixitxachitl suddenly hitting her square in the face now is she?

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