Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspiration is where you find it

I was trying to come up with some new magical items when I saw a picture of a mage wearing a black cowl. The rest came easy. Next I think that I will do a hammer, iron armour and indestructable purple pants.  
Cowl of the Bat
This black hood and mask is topped by two, very realistic, large bat-like ears. While worn, the cowl emits a high-pitched ping that allows the person wearing the cowl to see by echolocation (no penalties for low light or pitch darkness). The cowl can be rendered useless by white noise (waterfalls etc). It also causes the wearer to speak in a gruff, whispery voice though why it does so is not clear.
Cape of Steel
This large, red flowing cape grants an armour bonus of -4 to all physical weapons. It does not grant the same bonus against magic, magic weapons or weapons made of a certain green crystal.
Bracers of Truthful Deflection
These solid steel bracers grant an armour bonus of -2 to all projectile weapons. It does not provide any bonus to melee weapons. They also compel the wearer to tell the truth at all times.
Yellow Booties of Going Really Fast!
Two knee high canary yellow boots. When worn, they grant the wearer the same movement rate as a horse plus one extra attack per round.
The Emerald Ring
This large ring is carved from a single emerald and will magically fit any finger it is placed on. The ring contains six spells of the wearer's choice that can be cast at will. The ring will not work if the wearer is wearng any yellow clothing of any kind.
Mace of the Hawk
This large, unwieldy mace is a +1 magical weapon. It also grants the holder the ability to fly for a limited time (5 minutes) per day.
Blue Bikini Bottoms and Big Red Suspenders of Shapeshifting
This two piece ensemble consists of a pair of sky blue pair of bikini briefs, held up by wide, red suspenders with two golden clasps at about nipple height. Both items must be worn together, outside of all regular clothing in order to work.
The outfit allows the wearer to assume the physical shape and clothing of anyone they touch for up one hour (they can willingly change back at any time). It does not change wearer's voice.

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