Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thunder Island

“In the southern sea, there is said to be a land out of time that only appears during the fiercest of storms. Wrapped in raging clouds and wreathed in lightning, legend says that it swallows any vessel that stray too close to its shores. Then, when the storm has finally passed the island and any who have trespassed on its shores, have vanished.”

The nice thing about cancer is that you can blame any radical shifts of attention on the chemo fog. In getting ready for a possible D&D skype session this weekend, I was thinking about where I wanted to take the party. While my original intention had been to just walk them through a bunch of old-school modules, I’ve been chafing under the limitations and surprising amount of prep-work needed.

Inspired by a lot of blogtalk about sandbox gaming, my own interest in doing a ‘lost-world’ scenario and finally getting Hexographer to work on my damned computer, I spent the day frittering away and came up with this; 
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Even though I’m making it up as I go along, this is about a third of what I have in mind. Once I’ve done the remaining landscapes, I’ll start work on the random encounter tables … which are gonna feature a heck of a lot of dinosaurs. 

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