Saturday, October 15, 2011

Three-Headed Giant

Three Headed Giant
All right, all right, all right. We'll kill him first and then have tea and biscuits.”

In the dark northern forests of Ewing lives the fearsome Three Headed Giant. Standing almost ten feet tall, he slaughters any knight who dares pass through his realm.

The giant was once three knights who plotted together to overthrow their Lord. When they failed, they were cursed by the Lord’s wizard and transformed into a monster. The punishment backfired when the now insane giant slaughtered the Lord and his household. He now lives in the ruins of the old castle, sipping tea from giant cups and ventures forth only to slaughter travellers who dare cross his lands, or any knight who would dare try to make a name for himself by ridding the dark woods of the giant’s reign and reclaiming the castle for themselves. Despite the danger, there are a few small villages in the woods. The giant tends to ignore the peasants provided they keep him well supplied with tea and biscuits. This makes the Ewing woods an ideal place for people like Dennis.

With his six foot greatsword and massive lance that is capable of impaling three men like a shish-kabob, the giant is virtually unstoppable in battle. Fortunately, the giant’s three heads rarely agree on anything besides killing and tea (but not biscuits), and if they can be goaded into arguing between themselves, it is quite easy to sneak away.

Accoutrements: the giant lives in a large castle that is quickly going to ruin. In the meantime, he has access to all the stores that remain. There are rumours of a vast storeroom below the castle filled with gold and silver, though no one has ever been able to confirm the story.

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