Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here be Dragons

Tonight I crack the spine of the fifth book of a 'Song of Ice and Fire'. After getting bogged down in 'A Storm of Swords' I breezed through 'A Feast for Crows' relatively quickly.

AFfC is going to present an interesting challenge for HBO methinks. There is very little action and almost all of the major characters are dead(ish) or abscent. The world has become a bit bogged down in its own weight and the major impression I was left with was the endless listing of knights and lordlings (that I am sorry to say I skimmed the bulked of). We get a short but tantalizing glimpse of Arya's future, a long and mainly pointless search from Brienne and the continuation of Jaime's redemption. In the place of the characters we have spent years getting to know and care about, we get major diversions into the Iron Isles, Dorne and a fascinating glimpse into what makes Cersei tick (anyone else think she 'helped' her childhood companion into that well?), but she never becomes sympathetic the way Jaime has. Given that GRRM has had five years and a butload of (well earned) cash from HBO, I'm dearly hoping that these threads start to weave together soon.

Given the fickle finger of the viewing public (fantasy is hot right now, but if they keep producing drek like Camelot, it won't be for long) and the series makes it that far, could HBO keep the muggles interested with a TV season without so much as a hint of Tyrion, Jon or Dany? My bet is that they blend the two books.

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