Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sometimes, You Don't Want the Loot.

"What is it?" asked Lumbar the Dwarf. 

Thakko the Barbarian shrugged and pulled another one of the strange and twisted items out of the case.   

Lumbar stood up and looked towards the tall elf who was examining a large glass tank filled with a bubbling green liquid. Something large, pale and bloated floated inside. "Hey Uros, what was this guy suppose to be again?" the Dwarf asked.

"I believe Natu referred to him as a biomancer." The elf said, not taking his eyes from the tank.

Thakko stood up, his hands full items from the case. "What does it matter?", he asked. "A sorcerer is a sorcerer. He's dead now anyway. I took his head clean off with one stroke of my axe, Luwanda. So it's not like he can complain. Hey Lumbar, you think any of this stuff is made out of platinum?"

"Bioz, meaning 'life' and manci meaning, 'magic'. Both derived from the ancient Senilean. This mage studied life itself, Thakko, and take piece out of your mouth." Uros said as he turned to face his companions. "Judging by the creatures we encountered, and from what we have seen in these laboratories, I would guess he had experimented with hybrids, even creating new monsters of a like never seen before."

Lumbar nodded. "Makes sense. That thing that ate Natu was pretty strange. Even for us." 

"And how does one create new life?" Uros asked.

The two stared at him for a moment. 

The elf sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with two long fingers. "I will give you a hint. Lumbar has a longstanding arraignment with a certain redheaded barmaid at Mrs. Fubb's Parlor. Thakko is much less discriminating, especially after a few rounds and on one memorable occasion was once caught with a stuffed bearowl." 

Lumbar frowned. "Yer a sick elf, Uros. You know that?"

"My own preferences are not relevant here as they are not likely to result in offspring." 

"You mean, all this stuff is for ...?" Lumbar trailed off.

"I believe so, yes."

"What are you guys talking about?" Thakko asked.

The Dwarf looked at him "Put the stuff down. We're leaving." 


"Now, Thak!" 

"Lumbar, I would suggest you to keep your voice down, if I were you." Uros said

"What the hell for? Thak, get that piece out of your mouth!" 

"Because," Uros said, his voice strained. "You don't want to wake him up."

There was a loud crash as Thakko dropped the armload of items back into the chest. "You mean that time with the bearowl when I .... that's what this stuff is for? Why didn't you tell me?"

"What do you mean, 'wake him up', Uros?" Lumbar asked, his hand going to the long knife tucked into his belt. 

The elf drew the long, thin sword from the scabbard on his hip and began to back away from the tank. "I mean, dear Lumbar, that I believe the thing we killed was at best a simulacrum, perhaps a cutting like one might do with a plant. Our real foe is still here. Stand ready, look!"

It was then that the pale, bloated thing in the tank opened all of its eyes. 
Note the spikes

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