Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cave Clowns

You ever wanted to justify having scary clowns, but you're running a 'serious game'? Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has the answer!
Cave Clows - Gamer's Common
-Type: Humanoid
Size: Human
Stats: Average human.
Weapons: hand to hand human average. Bite strong. Can and will use weapons.
Armour: 1 - Clothing
Min/Max: Can move in aquatic environments. Strong sense of smell and electo-location allows it to inhabit dark and near-dark environs. Some have magical abilities.

TWERPS- Cave Clowns
ST: 4
Can be found in cave and sewer environments. No penalty to aquatic movement. No penalties in darkness.
Teeth +2 Hit, 3 Damage
Mallet: +2 Hit. 3 Damage
Armour: Clothing 2
Min/Max: Some may possess magical powers. 

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