Monday, September 9, 2013

Windhammer 2013

I haven't been posting lately because I was preparing an entry into the 2013 Windhammer competition for short-version Game Books.

I squeaked my entry in under the wire, but I am NOT happy with what I submitted: AT. ALL.

Lessons I have learned from the 2013 Windhammer Competition.
1)      Never overhaul your rules-set halfway through (Just, don't).
2)      Plan a solid ending (I had it as far as, "destroy the Big Bad" .. but then what?)
3)      Game Book maps need to be simple
4)      In a book with limited sections, open ended is a bad idea.
5)      Playtest. Playtest. Playtest
6)      Always give yourself time to EDIT. That includes a day or two where the project goes away for a while.

I adopted then abandoned so many ideas in 'The Thing that Crawls' that I'll be amazed if it's even properly playable. My only hope is that I can pull it together in time for next year... 

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