Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is what Roleplaying IS.

Or at least, what it SHOULD be.

I've been link-dumping lately. I hate it and I apologize. This is not why I set this up. Work's been busy, and their have been doctors and tests all month (one year chemo free this month ... wOOt!). By the time I get home and take the dogs on their two hour walk (otherwise they aren't tired enough to sleep through the night), I don't have a lot of energy left.

To me, this comic beautifully illustrates the pure, distilled heart of tabletop roleplaying and like Gabe, I would be completely invested in a game like this.  You don't need Game of Throne level plotting, you don't even need good rules ... all you need is enthusiasm.

How else could we have played our way through almost twenty years of RIFTS? The rules were TERRIBLE, but the setting was awesome in its XTREME 90s kinda way and we just played; going through, around or flat out ignoring the rules. We didn't care about game balance, or game theory, rules fatigue, genre poisoning, crossover appeal or whether the plot was railroad, sandbox or even made sense. We cared about  spending time with friends and having a good time.


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