Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Land Shark!

Also called ground sharks, chompers or bruces, it is not known if these fearsome, relentless predators are comet-induced mutations, or the genetically engineered product of a truly twisted mind.

Though now fully air-breathing, they still tend to be found near water sources and often have lairs located in the shallows or partially flooded caves. The only nice good you can say about them is that they tend to be solitary. They are sometimes used as guard-animals by the more bloodthirsty kind of Warlord, Robber Baron or Mad Scientist.

Land Sharks automatically double their movement while swimming.
Strength 9.
Bite: +2, Dam 3
Armour: 3
Loot: See below

-Heightened Senses: Though processing relatively poor eyesight, Land Sharks have a keen sense of smell and a powerful elctro-sense that allows them to feel the electrical signature of a lifeform from a great distance.
-Bloodlust: if their prey is wounded, they will not stop until it, or they, are killed.
-Swim: Though they are no longer water breathing, they are still very strong swimmers
Attack: Tail Slap/Ram +3. Bite: +8
Armour: Skin -4
Chase: +2, +5 in water
M: 5 S: 4 G: 3

Land Shark skin and teeth are valued by artisans, weapon-makers, armorers, leisure suit makers, entremetier and manufacturers of cheap tourist necklaces. Roll D6. On a roll of one there is something in the Land Shark's stomach, roll again.
1: D6 in assorted coins
2: 2 bottles of fine aged rum
3: 2D6 in assorted coins
4: A suit of armour, fixable (to -4) once you hose it out.
5: 2D6 penguins, zombie
6: The head of Harold Holt

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