Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kinda has Cancer and how even non-gaming wives can help.

I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but the chemo kickbacks make it hard to concentrate. However, with just over ten days before I’m due back in hospital for round two, I’m actually starting to feel a little better. While I have these precious few moments of clarity of mind, I decided to dump all the cancer stuff over to a new blog, Kinda has Cancer and get back to gaming basics here.

My wife is a pop-culture nerd, has a geek-girl crush on Simon Pegg and would go to ComicCon in a heartbeat. However, she never developed any appreciation or even much knowledge about RPGs until she met me and to be perfectly honest, she was a little hostile at first. Since then, however she has flipped through some of my Talislanta books and talked to me about why I like them. She still thinks the idea of rpgs is a little silly, but she at least appreciates why I like them more than video games.

Yesterday she had a day off and I was even able to take her through the basic set up of BURPYS and the still to be properly names, Playing Card Dungeon. I figured that if a person with no frame of reference could understand what was going on, it would be a good acid test for the playability of the game. It went rather well, with her offering two very good suggestions, “Can this be played with other genres?” And, “Why call it a dungeon? Is this part of D&D or are you doing your own thing?” The first of which had me picturing Pulp and Sci-Fi spin offs and the second causing me to again serious question what I want to call this thing.

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