Thursday, August 11, 2011

What would Jabba Do?

Over the past several months I've been selling off most of my Star Wars toys. Mostly Power of the Force stuff mixed in with a fair amount of Episode 1 and 2 stuff (I had completely had it by 3). Now, I don't like what happened to Star Wars any more than most guys my age, but I do have my laserdisc copies of the Original and Untouched trilogy and a lot of great memories. In honor of those, I've held on to a few original figs, plus a POTF collection of Original Trilogy characters plus a Millenium Falcon and my AT-AT, who's name is Rusty.

Everything else went through a series of yard sales, kijiji adds and a few weeks renting a table at a local flea-market which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Its a good way to get rid of stuff quickly, but you are able to sell stuff at a higher price than people want to pay at yard sales and you sell to a much a broader group of people.

I liked selling to the kids the best. They have some genuine affection for the Prequals and we always gave them a break in the price. The best moments were with a young autistic girl about the age of twelve, who liked to come by our table and tell me all about the adventures she had with her toys. She also had a weird and awesome thing for Jabba the Hutt (unfortunately we'd sold the couple of Jabbas we'd had, but we did get her an Oola and a few other Jabba's palace figs) which lead to her suddenly spouting off these words of wisdom that Ipersonally will never forget, "What would Jabba do in this situation?"

Several months later, we were down to Anakin and Sebulba's podracers, which went as a set to a buyer off Kijiji and a probe droid which I was thinking about keeping until I got a fair price, until all that was left was a set of three Vulture Droids on a stand (very swooshable), and a battle droid on STAP still in box. We also had some Farscape figs still mint-on-card and a few other things ready to go, so last night we decieded to hauled it down to Ye Olde Comic Book Shoppe to see what we could get for the lot.

Store credit being worth more, we traded it all in for a 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime and oh fantabulous day, a Ray Stanz and Winston Zeddemore to complete our Ghostbusters set! While the wife carefully freed Optimus from his box (she's the Transformers nut), I pulled the Ecto-1 out of its box, dusted everybody off and posed them for a reunion photo. These guys are going in the display case, baby!

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