Sunday, March 19, 2017

Guinea Lion

From @Animangles
Skill: 8 (2 attacks)
Stamina: 10
Habitat: Light forest.
Number Encountered: 1 or a pride of 1 male plus d6 females
Type: Animal
Intelligence: Hungry
Damage: Claws +2, Bite +3
Armour: Hide -3

These omnivorous hunters can be found in almost any wilderness region, from temperate forests to deserts, but are most often found in sub-tropical grasslands. If encountered they are usually lone males, or a small pride of mixed males and females. Not as aggressive as normal lions, they will normally not bother with groups of humans unless starving (stranglers and/or untended horses are another matter), or unless the humans have a lot of food stored in their camps.

Prides are usually stationed around a den that is lined with chewed wood shavings (to wear down their constantly growing fangs) and the remains of their victims.The smaller females are sometimes found in trees where they seek out nuts and leaves. But when a pride chooses to hunt something, they can be tireless and efficient hunters. The site of their cheeks bulging with fresh, bloody meat is said to be particularly unnerving.

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